Data: 08/05/2015
Call for abstracts

ESG congress 2015

Call for abstracts

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New deadline: June 1st 2015 
Topics include:
Gynecological endocrinology, Contraception, Medically assisted procreation, Gynecology, Menopause and ageing, Gynecological oncology, The breast, Gynecological surgery, Obstetrics, Imaging and diagnosis

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Opening ​Ceremony

  • Calda Pavel (CZ) From classical to present obstetrics – challenges of current perinatal medicine

    Breeden James (US) World maternal mortality and current progress of millennium development goals

    Zima Tomas (US) - Velebil Petr (CZ) - Genazzani Andrea (IT)

Plenary Lectures

  • Adamyan Leila (RU) Genital reconstructive surgery

  • Genazzani Andrea R. (IT) Menopause and HRT: european perspectives and possibilities

  • Svabik Kamil (CZ) Levator ani trauma – does it matter?

  • Fischerova Daniela (CZ) New era for ultrasound in gynecological oncology

  • Visser Gerard (NL) Women are designed to deliver vaginally and not by cs

  • Danko Jan (SK) The role of telomerase enzyme in cervical carcinogenesis

Moreover 19 Plenary Sessions, 3 Debates and the Surgical forum

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